Admissions Overview


At Sulam our goal is to provide a customized learning program for each student, which will prepare the student for a life of learning and achievement well beyond his or her school years.  

To enable our team of highly specialized faculty to achieve this goal, documented evidence of learning differences is required at the time of application to Sulam.  

Sulam students are those with mild to moderate learning needs, which may include:

  • Specific learning disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Twice Exceptional (Gifted and Talented, Learning Disabled - GTLD)
  • Emotional Disability and behavior challenges
  • Social Skills Deficits
  • Language Delay
  • Sensory-motor Integration Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Intellectual Disability

Sulam does not offer programming for students with severe to profound intellectual or emotional disabilities who require specialized support and intervention. 


Admissions Process

To best serve our students, Sulam requests that parents begin the admissions process as early as January and no later than April 30th of the preceding school year. 

Steps to Apply:

  1. Contact the School
    Call us at (301) 962-9400 ext. 5523 or email us at to schedule a parent interview.
  2. Parent Interview
    The parent interview with Lianne Heller, Director, and appropriate faculty members will primarily be about your child, his or her strengths, interests, talents, and challenges. The interview is typically one hour long and will include a discussion about the student’s past educational and social experiences, and will also be an opportunity to tour the school and ask questions about our program.  This is a parent-only visit. An application package will be offered if appropriate at this time.
  3. Submit Application
    Parents will be given an application for admission at the end of the parent interview if appropriate. The completed application form, and a $250 non-refundable application fee should be returned to Sulam at 13300 Arctic Avenue, Rockville, MD 20853, along with copies of any educational/psychological testing, current IEP (if there is one), signed release form, and application fee.  Only completed application forms can be processed.
  4. Admissions Placement Committee convenes
    When all documentation has been submitted, Sulam’s Admissions & Placement Committee (APC) begins the admissions process. The applicant’s therapists, doctors, and teachers will be contacted by the committee to contribute information during the process. All documentation  is reviewed in order to make an initial assessment as to whether Sulam may be an appropriate match for the student. If so, the admissions process continues. If a Sulam placement is clearly not appropriate at the current point in time, parents are notified and the process ends.
  5. Observation
    A member of the Sulam APC observes the prospective applicant in his/her current educational setting when possible. This is arranged with input from parents and other consultants as to the best setting in which to observe the student.
  6. Student Visit
    Sulam Director, Division Head, Teacher, and the Sulam psychologist observe the student participating in the Sulam classroom setting and have the opportunity to meet and interact with the student.
  7. Admissions Placement Committee Reconvenes
    A meeting is held where committee members review further documentation, outside observation, and the student’s visit to Sulam. The committee maps out an individual academic program based upon information gathered. As part of Sulam’s collaborative philosophy and programming, relevant Sulam administrators will meet with the Berman Hebrew Academy administration, as they are an essential part of our programming.
  8. Recommendation from Sulam’s APC
    Once the committee has arrived at their decision and determined appropriate placement, if any, it communicates its recommendation to the Sulam business office. The Director then notifies the parents of the student’s acceptance, and parents will have a two week window to return all signed enrollment paperwork and registration fees. Once these items are received, the student’s placement is guaranteed.  

Requesting Information: 
For a brochure, or to schedule a parent interview, contact the Admissions Office:  

Phone: 301 962 9400 ext. 5523
Mail: Sulam Admissions, 13300 Arctic Avenue, Rockville, MD 20853

For more information on the cost of attending Sulam and options for tuition assistance, see Tuition and Financial Aid Forms.