Student Stories

Meet just some of the students of Sulam. Their stories serve as an inspiration for Sulam and our entire community.


Before Sulam, I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do. I would ask friends for help and stuff but they would get in trouble for not doing their work. I ended up just not doing it. Since Sulam, it’s very helpful to know that I always have support. I feel more confident. I recently figured out that I am really good at creative writing and that inspires me to push myself more. My dream for the future is that I want to work with kids with special needs.
— Jessica, Sulam Class of 2018


Sulam has shown me that asking for help is not a weakness. When you are stuck on something and you don’t ask for help, you are never going to get the tools you need to reach your goal. As I prepare to graduate this June, I am really proud of my many accomplishments. I have been on the Varsity Baseball team for the last few years, as well as the Berman Beats a capella group. I am excited about spending next year studying in Israel, followed by college. Thank you to Sulam for giving me the tools I need to be successful.
— Avraham, Sulam Class of 2017


My favorite part of being at school is going to PE. I am really good at basketball. I love learning how to write Hebrew on the iPad. We have a smartboard in our classroom and I can move things around on it too! I also love lunchtime because I always sit with my friends. They save a seat for me every day so we can all sit together. And after school, I am a gymnast! I go on the bars and beam. My hands get calluses but that just means I am working really hard.
— Elana, 8th Grade


Before Sulam I struggled in class. Math was particularly difficult for me. Since joining Sulam in Freshman year, I have gained so much confidence in my ability to succeed. My skills in math have improved significantly and it makes me feel great. The Sulam teachers have taught me many skills to perform better in class, both in math and other subjects as well! I have learned how to study more efficiently and take tests with more confidence. When I think about graduating next year, I know that I will be ready for college and hope to join the IDF. I love Sulam, and am proud to be part of the Sulam family.
— Zack, Sulam Class of 2018


Before I was here I felt really confused at school. I didn’t feel like I had any foundation or support. Now that I am a Sulam student, I feel like I am on a straight path. I feel like I have all of my resources and everything is right in my back pocket. I have a guide and all the help I need from all of the Sulam faculty members that are here to help... and being a starter and big part of the Varsity basketball team is a great feeling.
— Ephraim , Sulam Class of 2016


Before Sulam, I failed a lot. I didn’t think that success was something I was capable of. I didn’t understand that I just have a different way of learning, and that with understanding and support from the Sulam teachers, I could get not just passing grades, but excellent grades. Best of all, I could stay at my school, be with my friends, and grow as a Jew. I feel like a normal person now. I am proud of my accomplishments; I’m proud when I finish an art piece, or when I perfect a song on my bass guitar, or when I get to the top of a climbing wall. Sulam has taught me to keep on trying. And I always will.
— Ezra, Sulam Class of 2016